Xiaomi Introduced A Wireless Car Wash In The Shape Of A Gun

 An unusual techno-novelty is also suitable for watering plants.

Xiaomi Introduced A Wireless Car Wash In The Shape Of A Gun - WebNewsOrbit

A gadget for car owners called MIJIA Wireless Car Washing Machine has a switch that, with a single press, changes the mode from dispensing soap suds to spraying water. 

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A total of five different modes of operation are available. The device is lightweight - it weighs only 1.3  kg -  and easy to operate, writes  Gizmochina.


The wireless car wash is powered by a 2000 mAh battery and can work for about 90 minutes without recharging. After that, it will need to be recharged using the USB-C port. The gadget, of course, is not afraid of water and is protected from its effects according to the IPX6 standard.

The device is capable of supplying water at a pressure of 2.4 MPa, which makes it possible to achieve a productivity of 180 liters of water per hour. On the body there is a special inlet for connecting the hose.


The price of a wireless car wash in China is 499 yuan (72 USD at the exchange rate). But as part of the crowdfunding campaign, which will last from August 31 to September 8, it will be sold at a price of 399 yuan. The manufacturer does not announce the start of sales in other countries.

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