16 Divine Traits: Lord Rama, the Ultimate Leader | Dussehra 2023

16 Divine Characteristics of Lord Rama That make him a Great Leader - News Namkeen

As the most successful person on earth in terms of spiritual as well as worldly (social) norms and morals, values, rules, and behavior Lord Rama is often referred to for his role as "Maryada Purushottam." Of the many celestial traits that Lord Rama is blessed with the following 16 qualities were recognized from Narad Muni and Sage Valmiki.

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In the era of Treta-Yuga which was 89,000 years ago, Lord Rama was born on Earth. Because of his celestial appearance as well as his traits and activities that captivate souls and minds of the greatest saints who ever lived, people continue to revere and honor him to this day.

Lord Rama is known to as "Maryada Purushottam," which is Sanskrit meaning "the best among all the universes in his spiritual and worldly (social) regulations, morals, virtues, principles, and conduct."

He was a man of many admirable traits including being the most divine, pure of all-powerful beings, and even God! These are just a few of the celestial traits that Narad Muni told Sage Valmiki prior to when Lord Rama returned to Earth or assumed his human form.

16 Divine Characteristics of Lord Rama That make him a Great Leader

1. Gunavaan is the one who is committed and blessed with extraordinary quality.

2. VeeryavanThe One with power.

3. Dharmajnah A person who's upright in all things.

4. Krithajnah- A person who is always thankful (remembers even a tiny bit of assistance provided by others).

5. SatyavaakyahThe one who is honest in his assertions.

6. Dhrida Vratah - the person who is independent and unflinching in his commitments and actions.

7. Chaarithrena- A person with a strong character.

8. Sarvah Bhuteshu Hitah- The one who is the one who has been the blessing of all living creatures.

9. Vidvaan- The one who is the owner of all information.

10. Samarthahis the one who can do tasks that nobody else could.

11. Eka Priya Darshanah, the one who is simply delightful in appearance

12. Aatmavan- A person who has infinite courage.

13. Jita Krodhah - The one who has overcome anger.

14. Dhyutimaan is the one who is covered in beauty and brilliance.

15. An - Asuyakah, the one who is not enslaved by jealousy.

16. Jaata Asya Roshasya Samuge samuge devaah bibhyatthe one from whom even gods feel fear when roused for battle.

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