YouTube Challenges TikTok Focuses On Monetizing Shorts

YouTube enters the short video market to challenge TikTok with Shorts and has now found a new way to monetize.

YouTube Challenges TikTok Focuses On Monetizing Shorts - WebNewsOrbit

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Google has no intention of staying behind and has decided to give Youtube a sprint to allow it to compete with other platforms where videos are the protagonists. To keep up with TikTok, it has decided to introduce Shorts , a new format that is very popular with the public, and to support it with a new important initiative that provides economic encouragement for those who decide to create this type of content. 

Shorts, what are the new YouTube videos

The short videos proved to be a huge hit on Instagram and made TikTok popular with a large and diverse audience. They have now also arrived on YouTube , which has made the Shorts available to all after a period of experimentation.

These are short vertical videos that you can scroll through quickly. YouTube provides subscribers and creators with a set of tools to quickly edit content, personalize it and make it original and captivating.

The Shorts have been popular with the public, reaching 30 billion views per day. Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer , a few months after the official arrival of the Shorts on the platform had announced a long-term monetization project for the new format and now that moment seems to be upon us.

Shorts, what's going to happen on Youtube

It is currently not possible to generate revenue from the creation and publication of the Shorts through the advertising played in the short video player. However, a $ 100 million YouTube Shorts Fund has been created for the best creators who will contribute to the dissemination of this kind of content.

To address the needs of video makers who find shorts monetization not inspiring enough, and to give the format an extra boost and allow it to gain popularity equal to content produced on TikToks and Instagram Reels, YouTube promises stronger monetization . . 

In all likelihood, YouTube's standard remuneration model will be applied, which includes 45% of revenue for creators and 55% for the platform. The latter are used to cover the expenses that are incurred to provide users with all the tools necessary to edit videos.

Monetization will also be made easier for those who are unable to join the Partner Program because they do not have one thousand subscribers, ten million views in the last 90 days, or 4,000 long-term viewing hours. A new level will be introduced that will allow access to advanced features such as paid channel subscriptions.

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