What Is Forest Bathing?

What Is Forest Bathing? -  WebNewsOrbit

If you thought that forest swimming is an opportunity to splash in some pond in the forest, then you were mistaken. The term "forest bathing" is not understood at all.

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Origin & What Is Forest Bathing?

This therapy originated in Japan, having received the name "shinrin-yoku", which means "taking forest baths". Japanese doctors advised resorting to such forest therapy for those people whose mental health was negatively affected by the influence of cities.

People were advised to go for a walk in the forest, but not just to wander between the trees, but to get the opportunity to slow down, listen to the sounds of the forest, absorb the peaceful pictures and forest aromas.

Introduced in Japan in 1982 as a way of solving the problem of depression in Japanese society due to the constant stay in enclosed spaces, the practice of "forest bathing" quickly spread throughout the world.

Forest Bathing Benefits

Adherents of the practice of "forest bathing" note the many benefits of such unity with nature.

First, it is good for the lungs. Since the air in megacities is usually extremely polluted, deep breaths during the "forest bathing" can be a kind of "reset".

Secondly, forest walks and unity with nature have a positive effect on the quality of sleep. After taking "forest baths" night sleep will be much better.

And thirdly, “forest bathing” in silence and loneliness perfectly helps to relax, hear yourself, calm down and slow down.

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