10 Things Ancient People Did Better Than Us

10 Things Ancient People Did Better Than Us - WebNewsOrbit

Some technologies from ancient history amaze scientists to this day. And some habits of ancient people are similar to our own. So, we present you 10 things ancient people did better than us.

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1. Roman concrete

Roman concrete - roman colosseum - WebNewsOrbit

Modern concrete lasts about 100 years. But the Roman concrete structures are still standing. They have withstood 2,000 years of weather. Roman concrete was made of volcanic rock and lime. It was mixed using seawater, and this made it extremely durable.

2. Greek central heating

Greek central heating - WebNewsOrbit

The Minoans were the first to come up with central heating. They had a space under their tile floors. A system of flues delivered warm air from a central fire. It was a cheap and convenient way to stay warm. Centralized heating was used in temples and bathhouses.

3. Aztec agriculture

Aztec agriculture - WebNewsOrbit

Aztecs invented chinampas, or "floating gardens." These were artificial islands, and Stakes were driven in lakebeds. Then reeds were interwoven around them. The enclosure was filled with mud. It was a very advanced form of farming.

4. Egyptian paper

Egyptian papyruses paper - WebNewsOrbit

The Egyptians invented the earliest known form of paper. Egyptians made thick paper from papyrus. It was the pith of the common papyrus plant. Egyptians used pens made out of reeds to write on paper. Many Egyptian papyruses remain intact after 5,000 years.

5. Damascus steel

Damascus steel - WebNewsOrbit

The people of the Levant made swords of Damascus steel. They were sharp enough to slice through a floating handkerchief. But they were also incredibly flexible. The knife could bend 90 degrees and flex back. The secret of making this alloy has been lost.

6. Roman Roads

Roman Roads - WebNewsOrbit

The Romans built an expansive road network. The roads were built by laying gravel and then paving with rock slabs. Romans built over 250,000 miles of roads. Some sections of the Roman road system are used to this day. They are still navigable 2,000 years later.

7. Inca walls

Inca walls - WebNewsOrbit

The Incas were very advanced in masonry. They built huge dry stone walls. Stone carvers cut the stone blocks with astonishing precision. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle with no mortar. There's no space between the stones. The walls also lean inward, which makes them earthquake-resistant.

8. Wari water System 

Wari water System Peru - WebNewsOrbit

The Wari Empire flourished in modern-day Peru. About 1,000 years ago. The Wari built an advanced water conservation system. During the rainy season, water was collected in the mountains. It was then routed through an intricate canal network. The canals were connected to mountain streams. It enabled the Wari to keep the Rivers flowing in the dry season.

9. Egyptian Makeup

Egyptian Makeup - WebNewsOrbit

The Egyptians invented natural cosmetics in 4000 BC. Both men and women wore eye makeup in Ancient Egypt. They used soot mixed with the mineral galena. Malachite would be added to create the green color. This type of cosmetic was called kohl.

10. Indus Valley Urban Planning

Indus Valley Urban Planning - WebNewsOrbit

Mohenodaro was one of the centers of the Indus Valley civilization. The city was built in 2,500 BC. It was amazingly well-planned. The houses were furnished with bathrooms and toilets. Wastewater was carried away via a system of sewers. Cisterns and wells provided drinking water. The city had a planned layout, with buildings arranged on a grid. 

What's the one thing that amazes you most about the ancients? Let us know in the comment section.

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