How To Innovate In A Company?

How To Innovate In A Company? - WebNewsOrbit

How to prepare the ground for introducing innovations, motivating employees, and choosing a strategy to change the corporate culture?

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Human factor

A business will not develop without the support of ordinary employees. The transformation is driven by creating new industrial platforms, geopolitical shifts, increased competition, changing consumer demands.

In turn, the transformation itself gives rise to new business models that are changing entire sectors of the economy. But we rarely think of people who go through these often painful changes and help promote them. 

PwC Partner David Lancefield has put together a few tips and tricks to successfully help managers stay in touch and innovate. This is the ability to listen and hear employees, the ability to identify opinion leaders who would become agents of change, and empathy.

Freedom equality Brotherhood

The company's innovation culture is primarily associated with the freedom to experiment, propose new ideas and projects, with democracy and work for results. 

But the foundation of such a culture should be the equality of employees, analysts of the consulting agency Accenture are sure. The presence of a culture of equality within the company creates the conditions for innovation.

Experts have deduced the criteria that a company must meet in one way or another and combined them into three large groups. It is a bold leadership that aims to maintain cultural, gender, and other diversity in the company; an overarching action plan that includes women professionals and equal pay; an environment conducive to professional growth.

On a long leash

The company's innovation culture is a magnet for talented and advanced people. Everyone would like to work in a liberal environment where you are not reprimanded for mistakes but offered to correct them yourself, where truth is born in a dispute. 

More and more businesses are trying to embrace an innovative culture to avoid falling behind the digital barrier. The trouble is that many perceive this culture wrongly: one should not confuse freedom with permissiveness. 

Harvard Business School professor Gary Pisano highlighted six principles of corporate culture innovation that managers often do not fully understand: they emphasize free-thinking and omit the less pleasant side of the coin. 

Among these principles is tolerance only for productive mistakes and willingness to experiment within narrow limits.

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