8 Surprising Indian Locations Where Ravana is Still Worshipped

8 Surprising Indian Locations Where Ravana is Still Worshipped - Web News Orbit

In the days when devotees all over India celebrate the triumph of the good against evil this Dussehra by lighting idols of Ravana There are a few areas in India where devotees gather in temples dedicated to Ravana, the king of demons and offer prayers to him.

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In these regions, Ravana is looked upon as a scholar of repute, and tributes are paid in his honor on this important day.

Here are some of the most notable places in India in India where Ravana is revered and revered with utmost respect.

1. Dashanan Temple, Kanpur

The over 100 years old Dashanan Mandir located in Kanpur is only open once per year on Dussehra which is when devotees honor Ravana.

According to sources, the temple was founded by the king Guru Prasad Shukl in 1890. The distinctive thing about the shrine is the fact that it pay tribute to Ravana who was believed to be an ardent scholar and a important devotee to Lord Shiva.

2. Jodhpur, Rajasthan

In some regions in Jodhpur, Ravana is worshipped not only on Dussehra but also on a regular basis.

According to legends, Ravana was united in the marriage ceremony with Mandodari the daughter of Mandawar, the king. Mandawar who was known as Mandor.

At the time the kingdom of Ravana was located near his riverbanks. Saraswati river. Therefore, in certain areas of Jodhpur and Jodhpur, his descendants pay tribute to the death of Ravana and refrain from watching the burning of his effigy.

3. Ravangram Ravana Temple, Vidisha

Ravangram is an area named in honor of Ravana and is home to some of the world's most famous worship sites dedicated to the Lanka King.

It is believed that Ravana's wife, Mandodari, hailed from Vidisha. The temple is home to a large amount of Ravana devotees who travel to the temple to pay respects.

The temple has a huge 10 foot tall statue of Ravana. The temple was, as any other, and was visited for weddings and other important occasions but the worship of Ravana has taken on greater importance in Dussehra celebrations in recent years.

4. Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Kangra is often referred to as the place in which Ravana who was a fervent believer in dedication and sacrifices, obtained immense blessings from Lord Shiva.

Therefore, the inhabitants of Kangra refrain from burning the idol of Ravana.

5. Ravana Mandir, Bisrakh, Uttar Pradesh

It is believed to be the place where Ravana was born The site is home to a famous temple committed to Ravana, the Lankan King.

It is one of the nation's most renowned temples, which rebukes the demon King. In the zone, Ravana is held in reverence, and Dussehra isn't celebrated with burning idols of Ravana.

Instead those nine days that fall on Navratri are celebrated as a time of mourning in the city of Bisrakh.

The temple has faced opposition from those who adhere to the Lord Rama However, the Ravana devotees have stood firm in their support of the temple.

6. Kakinada Ravana temple, Andhra Pradesh

The East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh In the district of Andhra Pradesh, there's an urban area that is an important home for one of the world's most well-known shrines to Ravana.

It is believed that Ravana specifically chose this place to build a temple devoted to the god of Shiva. The temple has a huge painting of the Shivling representing Ravana's deep respect for Lord Shiva.

The temple is situated near the beach. the temple is now the most visited tourist attraction. In particular, Kakinada stands as the only place located in Andhra Pradesh where Ravana is revered.

7. Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has its own community of Ravana followers, who have constructed temples to honor their revered Lankan King.

The Mandsaur temple Mandsaur has a particular significance because it is considered to be the site where the wedding ceremony of Ravana and Mandodari occurred. In this temple, there are statues of female gods as well.

In addition the temple is believed by many to have a great importance with evidence of ancient scripts of the Harappan civilization that were discovered near the gods.

8. Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

Within Maharashtra's Gadchiroli area, there is a part belonging to the Gond tribe who pay homage in honor of Ravana along with his son Meghananda.

According to their belief system, Ravana was not portrayed as a demon in Valmiki Ramayana, and it also states that he committed nothing wrong to Sita, the wife of Lord Rama. Sita.

The tribals of the region hold prayers to honor Ravana in their annual tribal celebration known as Falgun.

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