Unlock Your True Passion: What Is Your Hobby According To Your Birth Chart?

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Hobbies can be a great escape from the stress and worries that plague our daily lives.

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Examine your house's third floor for activities.


The 3rd house of your chart is Gemini. Gemini rules by Mercury. Mercury governs media, communication, technology and editing, writing or sales.

You can also explore astrology since Mercury is a signpost for the astrologers. It is important to determine what you think about the idea of networking or other media-related hobbies.


Your 3rd house of interests is under the control of Cancer. Moon is the planet ruling of Cancer and also a water sign and hobbies could be any aquatic activities, gardening.


The 3rd house of your home is ruled by Leo. Leo is the sun. Sun rules Leo. Interests in giving advice or maybe you want being a political figure or yoga teacher, healer


The 3rd house of hobbies is controlled by Virgo. Mercury is the ruler. Mercury

A person may have an interest to write novels, short essays or accounting books, or poems, and even stalking the internet as well (secretly) when other factors is causing concern.


Libra is the 3rd house of your chart and is the home of Venus. It is possible to try your hand in any field that requires elegance and quality.

You must determine whether you would like to become an artist, fashion designer or an interior decorator.


Scorpio transforms into your 3rd House Lord is Mars. You may be drawn to ancient art and sciences, as well as research-based activities.


Sagittarius is the 3rd house of your chart and is controlled by Jupiter. Learn archery or classical music as well as trekking, sports or reading old texts. I've noticed that Libra people with a passion for running marathons too.


Capricorn is the 3rd house of your chart and is the home of Saturn.Your job is your pastime.


Your 3rd house is controlled by Aquarius and it is also ruled by Saturn. Socialist, having friends. Little mystery surrounding your activities.


The 3rd house of your home is ruled by Pisces. It is controlled by Jupiter. Also those born in the Capricorn sign like their time alone often lot.Leave them to themselves and during their time.

They might be interested in reading, or other things that are that are related to Jupiter.


Aries is the 3rd house of your chart and is controlled by Mars. You may enjoy athletics, intense activities, or participating in any kind of competition.


The 3rd house of yours is Taurus and is the home of Venus. Home comforts. Delicious food.

It is possible to have a hobby of decorating homes, and buying costly home decor. Going to a nice dining establishment.

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