Top 5 Vegetarian Vitamin D Sources to Prevent Deficiency

Top 5 Vegetarian Vitamin D Sources to Prevent Deficiency - Web News Orbit

Vegetarian Foods That Provide Vitamin D One of the best ways to combat Vitamin D deficiency is eating food items that are rich with vitamin D to meet the body's requirements for daily consumption. Here's a list of several healthy vegetarian superfoods which are an excellent food source for vitamin D.

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Vegetarian Food Sources of Vitamin D The body needs various nutrients to ensure its overall health and functioning.

Vitamin D is an essential nutritional element that our body requires to build bone and perform other vital functions.

It is a crucial vitamin that regulates calcium and phosphorus within the body. It is essential to maintaining the correct bones structure in the body.

If the body doesn't receive enough vitamin D, the condition is referred to as vitamin D deficiencies. It may cause issues with muscles and bones.

One effective method to treat vitamin D deficiencies is to eat foods that are high in vitamin D, which will satisfy the body's requirements for daily consumption.

Here's a list several healthy vegetarian superfoods which provide an excellent sources of vitamin D.

Vegetarian Foods that are Rich in Vitamin D

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the few food sources that provide Vitamin D in nature. Because of sunlight exposure Sun certain mushrooms are rich in ergosterol which is a precursor to vitamin D.

Mushrooms synthesize Vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet light. Dried Shiitake contains the highest Vitamin D quantity of all food item that is natural.

2. Fortified Foods

Foods fortified with vitamin D contain a broad spectrum of vitamin D making them an excellent supplement to your diet.

Milk from cows, yoghurt tofu, cold and hot cereals, and margarine are a few foods that are fortified and have high levels of Vitamin D.

3. Cheese

Based on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Pasteurised cheese contains around the equivalent of 62 IU per slice.

It is a fantastic sources of calcium. The ricotta-based cheese is said as the best quality source of Vitamin D.

4. Dairy Products

While fortified foods can be a good supply of vitamin D however, dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese are an excellent source of this essential nutrient.

Although the amount may be less than foods fortified but dairy products can be beneficial to your diet, to help reduce vitamin D deficiencies.

5. Fruits

Orange is among the best fruits that contains higher levels of Vitamin D than other fruit. Lactose-intolerant people are able to consume oranges along with other fruits high with vitamin D, to help prevent deficiencies.

Bananas are an excellent food source for magnesium a mineral that helps activate vitamin D within the body.

What amount of Vitamin D Does Your Body Do We Need Everyday?

As per Harvard University, the Recommended Daily Allowance for adults 19 years old or older is 600 IIU (15 mg) each day for both females and males as well as for adults over 70 years old, it's 800 IU (20 mg) every day.

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