Telegram's Latest Update: Stories Go Viral with Music and Reaction Stickers

Telegrams Latest Update Stories Go Viral with Music and Reaction Stickers - Web News Orbit

In August, Telegram introduced its Stories feature to all users, having initially rolled it out to premium customers. The platform has now expanded the capabilities of this feature, allowing users to include music and stickers in their stories and share content in view-once mode.

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Furthermore, Telegram has extended the ability for channels to post stories, but they require boosts from premium users to do so.

Expansion of Stories Feature

Telegram introduced the Stories feature for premium customers in July and made it accessible to all users in August. Users can post stories for different durations (6, 12, 24, or 48 hours) similar to Instagram Stories.

Channels can now also publish stories, but they require boosts from Telegram Premium users to do this.

Telegram Premium users receive boosts that can be allocated to any channel, which allows channels to move up levels, with higher levels granting the ability to post more stories. Users can choose the channels they want to view stories from.

New Features in Stories

Users and channels can now add reaction stickers and music to their stories. Reaction stickers can be interacted with by viewers with a single click. Premium users can add up to five reaction stickers per story, while others can add only one.

Music can be added by selecting a track via Audio > Select File > Edit the track. Users can also choose to keep the original sound.

View-Once Mode

Telegram now offers a view-once mode for sharing media, similar to WhatsApp and Instagram. Users can choose either view-once mode or a 30-second display mode.

View-once mode permanently erases the media file after it is opened, preventing saving or capturing of images.

Enhanced Security Measures

Telegram introduces login notifications, alerting users when their account is accessed from an unfamiliar device.

Users can check all devices connected to their account in Settings > Devices.

Two-step verification can be enabled for added security by navigating to Settings > Privacy and Security > Two-Step Verification.

Telegram continues to enhance its user experience by expanding its Stories feature, adding new capabilities such as reaction stickers and music, introducing view-once mode for media sharing, and improving security measures with login notifications and two-step verification.

These updates aim to make Telegram a more engaging and secure platform for its users.

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