ShahRukh Khan Hilarious Reply to Fan wants Marry at Mannat Request Goes Viral

Shah Rukh Khan Hilarious Reply to Fans Marry at Mannat Request Goes Viral - Web News Orbit

Shah Rukh Khan, the renowned Bollywood actor, recently engaged with fans in an Ask SRK chat on Twitter. Amidst the interaction, a fan asked a rather unconventional question about getting married at Mannat, Shah Rukh Khan's residence.

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The actor's response to this request was nothing short of humorous and cheeky.

Shah Rukh Khan's Blockbuster Success

Shah Rukh Khan's latest action-thriller film, "Jawan," directed by Atlee, has become one of the most successful Bollywood releases of the year. Much like his previous film, "Pathaan," "Jawan" has entered the coveted 1000-crore club worldwide.

Celebrating this achievement, Shah Rukh Khan decided to host an Ask SRK chat on Twitter to connect with his dedicated fanbase.

The Fan's Unique Request

On September 27th, during the Ask SRK session, a fan posed an unconventional but fun question: "Can I get married at Mannat? #AskSRK." The reference here is to Shah Rukh Khan's iconic residence, Mannat.

In response, Shah Rukh Khan showcased his trademark wit and replied, "Ghodha hai tere paas baraat nikalne ke liye ....?? #Jawan," adding a touch of humor to the query.

Reflecting on Life Before Stardom

During the same Twitter chat, another fan asked Shah Rukh Khan whether he ever reflects on his life before achieving stardom.

The fan inquired, "how often do u sit and look back on life? And think about life before stardom? #AskSRK." In a poignant response, the actor shared an inspiring perspective, stating, "Never ever. The road ahead is more attractive than the paths I have already negotiated. #Jawan."

A Peek into Shah Rukh Khan's Work Front

Before commencing the Ask SRK session, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he had some free time between shoots. He humorously mentioned, "Away shooting.

Been told call time is a bit later. So think can do a faasssttt #AskSRK with u all if u are also free like me! Let's start and ask for anything ....oops ask anything!!! I mean."

Upcoming Project

Shah Rukh Khan's last appearance was in Atlee's film "Jawan," which enjoyed immense commercial success. He is set to appear in Rajkumar's upcoming comedy film titled "Dunki," which addresses the issue of illegal immigration.

The film also stars Taapsee Pannu and Dharmendra and is scheduled for release on December 22nd later this year.

In this engaging Twitter interaction, Shah Rukh Khan showcased his sense of humor and his unwavering focus on the future, offering fans a glimpse into both his personal and professional life.

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