PM Narendra Modi Will Respond To No-Confidence Motion Today | Key Highlights Revealed

PM Narendra Modi Will Respond To No-Confidence Motion Today | Key Highlights Revealed - Web News Orbit

Premier Narendra Modi will reply to the opposition's motion to revoke confidence at the Lok Sabha on Thursday. The no-confidence debate motion, which started on August 8 has come to an end today.

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Premier Minister Narendra Modi will reply to the motion of no confidence made from opposition members Opposition in opposition to his Government on Thursday. Modi is expected to speak to the House at 4 pm.

PM Narendra Modi Will Respond To No-Confidence Motion Today - Narendra Modi - Web News Orbit

PM Modi's response is expected to be delivered following two days of intense discussion on the motion of no-confidence -- which is at its end. The motion was pushed from members of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) in protest of violence in Manipur. Manipur violence.

PM Modi's Presence and Manipur Issue Spark Heated Debate in Lok Sabha During Monsoon Session

On Wednesday the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed that PM Modi will be present at the Lok Sabha before Speaker Om Birla called off the House for the day.

The no-confidence vote was started through Congress M.P. Gaurav Gogoi. In the course of the debate, he declared that the Opposition was pressured to present the motion of no-trust to end the'maun vrat' (silence) of PM Modi regarding Manipur. Manipur issue.

As of the Monsoon sessions of the Parliament started on the 20th of July, the Manipur issue has led to a number of delays in House discussions as the Opposition seeking an answer from PM Modi regarding the issue.

Here's a brief summary of what's happened so far

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A heated verbal war took place over the past two days as opposition members of the Opposition in the last two days accusing government officials of causing a division in Manipur, where a wave of violence has been ongoing for more than three months.

1. Centre's Justification Amid Criticism: Development and Welfare Focus Amidst Accusations

The Centre has, in its response to the criticism, justified its actions and emphasized on its development and welfare work, while pointing fingers at the Opposition on a variety of aspects.

2. Rahul Gandhi's Strong Critique: "Divided" Manipur and Controversial State Policies

Congress president Rahul Gandhi during his first address in the Parliament following his reinstated as an MP made a brutal critique of the BJP government, claiming that it "divided" Manipur into two sections.

He bragged about his trip to Manipur and claimed that the state's policies have "murdered India" in the violent state.

3. Protests and Controversies Erupt: Rahul Gandhi's Comments and Gesture Upset BJP Members

Rahul Gandhi's comments sparked protests from BJP members calling for an apology. In addition but Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also caused controversy. Congress leader also caused an uproar over his 'flying kiss' as the exit of Parliament.

Congress leader also caused an uproar over his 'flying kiss' as the exit of Parliament - Web News Orbit

A few women BJP MPs lodged complaints with the Speaker alleging they were told by the Gandhi scion was involved in "inappropriate gestures directed towards Union Minister Smriti Irani".

4. Amit Shah Slams Congress for Politicizing Manipur Violence: Calls for Constructive Discussion

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah has accused the Congress of politicizing the Manipur violence, and stated that the BJP was always open to discussions on the subject.

He also stated his belief that violence across the Northeastern part of the state was decreasing and called on for the Opposition "not to put fuel to the fire".

5. Anticipated No-Trust Motion: BJP's Majority Strengthens Expectations of Passage

Following the time that PM Modi responds to the motion for no-confidence, the vote will be held. It is expected that the BJP will likely to get through the no-trust motion as it has a sweeping majority of the Lok Sabha.

The BJP is the only party with 331 MPs, which is well over the mark of majority of 272 however, it is the NDA is represented by 331 lawmakers.

The opposition bloc of INDIA comprises 143 of its members. There are 70 members that do not belong to one both alliances.

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