How To Catch Cheating Boyfriend Using AI Tools? Woman Shares Tips In Viral Video

How To Catch Cheating Boyfriend Using AI? Woman Shares Tricks In Viral Video - Web News Orbit

The 22 year old Mia Dio has shared her amazing AI-based method that was able to imitate her ex-boyfriend's voice. Mia Dio made a fake phone call to Billy's girlfriend using his voice.

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In the conversation Billy's friend appeared to claim that Billy had kissed a different person the previous night.

AI-Assisted Investigation

An individual from United Kingdom has shared her method of utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to discover the possible infidelity of her boyfriend.

The video of the woman giving tips has gone on the internet, and she talks about her boyfriend, who she believed was acting out in a strange manner.

Mia Dio's AI-Powered Voice Cloning Technique

A 22-year old Mia Dio has shared her amazing AI-based method that was able to recreate the voice of her husband. Mia Dio made a fake phone call to Billy's girlfriend using his voice.

In the conversation Billy's friend seemed claim the fact that Billy had kissed another person earlier in the evening.

Viral Explosion on TikTok

The video became viral and accumulated over 2.7 million viewers on TikTok. Beginning the video by announcing her plans, Mia dio is confidently saying, "I am going to clone my boyfriend's voice using AI, call his best friend, and uncover if he has been truthful to me about last night's events."

The video ends by putting Mia Dio on the brink of crying. The actress teases a sequel in which the singer confronts her husband over the incident. 

What Technology Mia Used?

In the end, Mia Dio disclosed that the whole thing was a clever prank that her boyfriend as well as his companion were aware of right from the beginning. The singer also stated that her goal was to expose her ingenuous method with those who have doubts about their loved ones' behaviour.

In a statement, Mia Dio admitted, "It is vital to note that this video was entirely a prank orchestrated for my followers, and both my boyfriend and friend were collaborators in this scheme."

In the experiment Mia utilized a software called ElevenLabs that made Billy's voice sound as if it was a real phone conversation.


It cost her only $4. She told me that, although she and Billy remain happily married the trick may have been beneficial with her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who was cheating on her.

Software company

ElevenLabs is an organization that is developing AI technology for voice cloning. Their VoiceLab product lets users create authentic synthetic voices using only a few seconds of audio.

This means Mia could easily have accessed ElevenLabs to make an authentic phone call where Billy's voice was resembling as if he were talking.

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