Bumble: The Dating App for Gen Z Making New Connections

Bumble: The Dating App for Gen Z Making New Connections - Web News Orbit (WNO)

With the advent of dating apps, it has become easier for people to find love. However, now, some dating apps are looking to broaden their horizons by becoming friendship apps as well.

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The rise of these friendship apps has become more prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic where people have had to move, lose connections, and are looking to rebuild community and connections.

Making Friends Online

Many Gen Zers are using friendship apps like Bumble BFF and Meetup to make friends and meet them in real life. It is becoming less embarrassing to admit that you use these apps to make friends as it becomes more common. A survey conducted last year found that 15% of men reported having no close friendships, a number higher than in 1990.

The Benefits of Friendship Apps

Friendship apps provide an easy solution to the problem of people having no close friendships. They help connect people who have moved to new cities and make it easier to communicate with people around the world. Additionally, a study conducted in 2022 found that non-face-to-face interaction can help prevent the deterioration of mental health.

Bumble BFF

One of the biggest companies to get into the friendship business is Bumble, with its app, Bumble BFF. The app functions similarly to the dating app, where users create a unique profile and swipe right on potential friends.

Bumble has seen significant growth since the launch of BFF in 2016, with 15% of their users using the app by the end of 2021.

Monetizing Friendship Apps

While the dating app market was valued at $8.9 billion in 2021, the friendship app market has yet to reach its full potential.

The majority of Bumble's revenue comes from users paying for features on their dating app, and the company has talked about monetizing BFF. However, despite its potential, Bumble BFF has not yet been a financial success.


While technology may be blamed for driving a wedge between people, friendship apps like Bumble BFF provide an opportunity to rebuild relationships and connections. While the friendship app market has yet to reach its full potential, companies like Bumble are still seeing growth.

At the end of the day, humans are born in relationships and thrive in relationships of all types, including platonic relationships.

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