Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Universities In The World

Investing in a good education is the key to a successful future, and families of today's students are ready to invest in quality education. In all countries, there is an average cost of higher education, which varies depending on the speciality, the level of the university, etc. But there are universities whose price bracket is much higher than the average.

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We will tell you about the ten most expensive universities in the world: they are the ones with the highest undergraduate tuition fees in the 2019-20 academic year.

Ranking of universities with the highest tuition fees per year

10. Columbia University

Columbia University  -  WebNewsOrbit

$57,700 per year

New York, USA

Columbia University is a representative of the famous Ivy League, the first college in New York, one of the symbols of American science and the alma mater of the five founding fathers, as well as 29 heads of state and 29 Oscar winners. 104 Nobel laureates are somehow connected with Columbia University. The university includes 16 schools and colleges, where 9,000 students can choose their path from the widest range of specialties.

It is Columbia University's School of Journalism that awards the world's best journalists with the Pulitzer Prize.

9. University of Chicago

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

The University of Chicago was ranked among the top 10 universities in the world in 2020 by Times Higher Education. This is a private university founded in 1890 by billionaire John Rockefeller. With the help of the Department of Physics of the University of Chicago, the world's first artificial nuclear reactor was developed! However, the university is famous not only for educational programs and researchers, but also for an abundance of extracurricular activities. About 15,000 students, undergraduates and doctoral students study here.

The structure of the university includes a college, graduate schools, institutes of vocational training and continuing education. By the way, it was at the University of Chicago Law School that Barack Obama taught for more than 10 years before becoming president.

8. Vassar College

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Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

Vassar Female College was founded in 1861 and was the first US college to award degrees to women. Today there is co-education, but girls are still the majority. 

In total, Vasar College has about 2,500 students and about 350 faculty members, almost all of whom have PhDs. Students can choose from 51 undergraduate majors and over 60 minor areas of study. The most popular specializations are English, political science, psychology, economics and biology.

7. Claremont McKenna College

Claremont McKenna College  -  WebNewsOrbit


Claremont, California, USA

Claremont McKenna College has one of the lowest admission rates: only talented students are selected here, so less than 1,500 people study here. 

The college prepares those who intend to change the world - specialists in the field of economics, public administration, sociology and international relations. Graduates build a career in law, diplomacy, become scientists or businessmen. 

The main profile of the college is higher education, however, the university includes the School of Economics and Finance, which offers a master's program in finance. Many students do internships abroad, in Washington DC or in Silicon Valley.

6. Reed college

Reed college  -  WebNewsOrbit


Portland, Oregon, USA

Reed College is a private liberal arts university, one of 25 New Ivy League universities. It got its name in honor of the philanthropist - the owner of the transport company Simeon Reed, who bequeathed to spend his fortune on good causes. 

Reed College's 26 faculties offer programs related to the arts, languages, economics, and more. The college aims to provide "a more flexible, personalized approach to a rigorous liberal arts education." At the same time, there are no fraternities and clubs at the university, as well as small extracurricular activities - the focus is on studies.

Famous alumni of Reed College include one of the founders of Wikipedia, Larry Sanger.

5. Harvey Mudd College

Harvey Mudd College  -  WebNewsOrbit


Claremont, California, USA

Harvey Mudd College is a private college that offers specialized programs in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; it also teaches the humanities and social sciences. Less than a thousand people study here, which allows mentors to pay attention to each student. 

The college was founded in 1955 by Harvey S. Mudd, a mining engineer who dreamed of combining the breadth of a technical education with the depth of a liberal arts education. 

Today, the university includes departments of biology, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. Students spend at least a year working on their own research project. There are also sports and student organizations on campus.

Graduates of this university are among the highest paid specialists in the United States.

4. Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University  -  WebNewsOrbit


Middletown, Connecticut, USA

Wesleyan University, founded in 1831, offers 47 Bachelor of Arts programs. In some areas, you can get a master's degree and Ph.D. About 2,800 students receive humanitarian education here.

In the first third of the 19th century, American universities built educational programs following the European model, which put classical studies at the forefront. But Wesleyan University focused on the study of the liberal arts, modern languages, science and literature.

3. Franklin and Marshall College

Franklin and Marshall College  -  WebNewsOrbit


Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

Franklin & Marshall College emerged from the merger of two colleges. Today it is a private liberal arts university with about 2,300 students. It is located 130 km from the center of Philadelphia, and the college also has a campus in England, where students study under the Advanced Study in England program.

Franklin College, which appeared first (in 1787) and is named after Benjamin Franklin as the main patron of the arts, became the first university in the United States where both boys and girls could enter.

2. New York University

New York University  -  WebNewsOrbit


New York, USA

New York University is the largest private research university in America: over 51,000 students study here, of which approximately 4,000 are foreigners from hundreds of countries. The university consists of 16 schools, colleges and institutes.

The founders of NYU dreamed of making it accessible to all classes and all religions. In addition to classical subjects, courses that were completely new for that time were included in its program: economic policy, modern languages, etc. The university still adheres to this position.

New York University has several hundred student organizations, sports teams, scientific associations; The university also publishes books and printed publications.

1. Sarah Lawrence College

Sarah Lawrence College  -  WebNewsOrbit


Yonkers, New York, USA

Sarah Lawrence College is the leader of our list of the most expensive universities in the world.

It is a private liberal arts college, once created to educate women in the liberal arts and humanities. Its founder, real estate magnate William Lawrence, named the college after his wife. 

The university is known for innovative ideas, individualized learning and an interdisciplinary approach to education. Students are offered many courses in 4 directions: fine arts, history and social sciences, humanities, natural sciences. 

The college has several exchange programs at universities in the Netherlands, Japan, Cuba, Italy, England and France. Sarah Lawrence College sponsors several intercollegiate sports teams in rowing, track and field, equestrianism, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and swimming.

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