6 Richest YouTubers Of 2021

6 Richest YouTubers Of 2021 -  WebNewsOrbit

Every year, Forbes ranks YouTube bloggers who have earned the most from advertising. This is not the first time Anastasia Radzinskaya has been included in this list - in 2021, seven-year-old Nastya was in sixth place. And MrBeast became the richest YouTuber.

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The YouTube content monetization system allows any blogger to earn money from ads embedded in videos. The arithmetic is simple: the more subscribers and views, the higher the earnings. Thousands of new users appear on the platform every year. In 2021, there were 40% more of them, which means that the earnings of popular bloggers have increased. The top ten most popular for the year in total received more than $300 million.

Bloggers build their fortunes not only on advertising directly on Youtube. Almost everyone turns their names into brands, releases product lines (merch), creates companies, sells rights to their content, collects donations for broadcasts. Bloggers in terms of earnings are increasingly difficult to distinguish from businessmen or show business stars.

1st: MrBeast - $54 million

For the first time in his career, MrBeast was in first place, he earned $54 million in a year. The real name of the YouTube creator is James Stephen Donaldson.

He started his channel in 2012 when he was 13 years old. The content was not original: James broadcast how he played computer games and evaluated the work of other bloggers. However, the video in which he decided to count up to 100 thousand shot. It took the teenager almost 40 hours to complete this task, but the video had to be cut to 23. Now it has 24 million views, and this is far from the most popular video on the MrBeast channel.

For example, a clip with a repetition of the Squid Game already viewed 206 million times. Now James mainly shoots a variety of challenges that are popular with viewers. Thanks to his followers, the blogger was able to open his own brand and MrBeast Burger mobile app. Users through it can order sandwiches from 1600 establishments across America. In the first two months, 1 million burgers were bought through the application.

2nd: Jake Paul - $45 million

Professional boxer Jake Paul now has over 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and is on the rise again. In 2018, the athlete was already on the list of the highest paid bloggers - however, his earnings consisted, among other things, of the money that he earned in battles.

Jake is an interesting character, in his life he tried himself in different roles. He first became famous in 2013 as a viner on the well-known, but already closed Vine platform. Then he moved to YouTube, where he published pranks and his rap songs. So he ended up on the Disney channel, becoming the star of the program about challenges, from where he left by mutual decision of the parties.

In 2017, he announced the launch of Team 10, a team of bloggers and influencers who were supposed to work together on marketing and promotion. Team 10 It's Everyday Bro song became one of the most disliked videos on YouTube, while collecting 233 million views (by January 2022). The team released a few more songs, went on tour and then disbanded. In 2018, he started boxing and the channel featured content promoting his fights.

3rd: Markiplier - $38 million

Mark Edward Fischbach is known online as Markiplier. Last year, a popular blogger was also included in the list of the richest. In this he multiplied his fortune and rose in the rankings. This happened thanks to the sales of merchandise, which he made in collaboration with colleague Ethan Nestor-Darling, or CrankGameplays.

Together they created and ran the Unus Annus channel. Its distinguishing feature was that the videos were released daily, and the channel was only supposed to exist for a year. Thus, fans were given a strictly limited time to watch all the videos. The creators kept their promise - and in 2020 they completely erased all content on the air. The farewell ceremony was watched in real time by 1.5 million people.

Now Markiplier continues to shoot content related to computer games for a personal YouTube channel. In addition, the blogger has ambitions to become a TV star. He has already made an adaptation of his own podcast in the genre of mystical thriller "The Edge of Sleep" for television. Mark now hopes to sell this project to Netflix or Hulu.

4th: Rhett and Link - $30 million

Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal met in first grade at school and have been inseparable ever since. Already in childhood, they began to shoot comedy and parody videos, but they gained fame by relying on low-budget and free advertising.

In 2008, they created the I Love Local Commercials project, in which they did advertising for local little-known companies. The videos went viral, and the friends became so popular that by 2011 they got their own television show, Rhett & Link: Ad Kings.

In 2013, they introduced a new format - the Mythical show sketch show, which included several segments in 30 minutes. Despite the high popularity, only 12 videos were released. Rhett and Link now have several channels, the most popular of which, Good Mythical Morning, has almost 17.5 million subscribers.

5th: Unspeakable - $28.5 million

The newcomer of the rating is the Unspeakable blogger. Behind this pseudonym is 24-year-old Nathan, originally from the city of Houston. As a teenager, he chose YouTube as a career over college. Nathan specializes in videos on the game Minecraft - however, now he also shoots challenges.

Already in 2019, his earnings from advertising and sales of merchandise were estimated at $15 million. Last year, he sold his YouTube video catalog to Spotter. His idea was that by investing the proceeds back into the business, he could make more money than the ad revenue from old videos would have provided. Thanks to this deal, Nathan got into the Forbes list. Now, about 20 million people have subscribed to all its channels.

6th place: Nastya - $28 million

Every year, children's content producers are included in the ranking of the highest paid bloggers. Seven -year- old Anastasia Radzinskaya is not on the list for the first time.

By 2022, her channel has amassed almost 86 million subscribers. Nastya publishes a video about her life: how she plays, helps her dad or writes a letter to Santa Claus.

In early childhood, the young blogger was diagnosed with cerebral palsy; the doctors thought she would not be able to speak. Parents decided to start making videos when Nastya was three years old. Now she speaks fluent English - the family moved to the United States.

She, like Unspeakable, sold videos from her old channel to Spotter, while retaining the rights to all future content. In addition to the YouTube blog, the seven-year-old star receives money from a line of products and an NFT collection. Anastasia's father, Yuri, is taking care of the expansion of the Like Nastya brand. He participates in filming and enters into contracts for advertising. 

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