Top 12 Extremely Rare Horse Breeds

Top 12 Extremely Rare Horse Breeds - WebNewsOrbit

Few people know that there are a lot of different breeds of horses. Yes, there may not be as many as there are dogs, but still, Here are 12 truly rare, unique breeds.

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1. Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This Turkmen breed is striking. Its metallic sheen has led it to be dubbed the "Golden Horse". Akhal-Teke are adapted to severe climates. There are about 6,600 of these horses in the world.

2. Curly

Bashkir Curly Horse - WebNewsOrbit

Also called the Bashkir Curly, this horse is unique. It has a gene that gives it curly hair. The breed is American, although its origins are unknown. There are about 4,000 Curlies in the world.

3. Newfoundland Pony

Newfoundland Pony Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This Canadian pony breed comes in many colors. The rarest coloration is white. The breed is critically endangered. Only about Newfoundland ponies are left.

4. Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Punch Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This English breed is renowned for its strength. Suffolk punches were traditionally used as workhorses. It's the oldest known breed of draft horses. Today, there are about 800 of them left.

5. Canadian Horse

Canadian Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This is the national horse of Canada. It traces its lineage from horses gifted by Louis XIV in 1665. Canadian horses are mostly used in racing. The breed is considered endangered, with a population of about 6,000.

6. American Cream Draft

American Cream Draft - WebNewsOrbit

This is the only draft horse developed in America. It's famous for its "gold champagne" color. The breed has never been widespread. Today, fewer than 400 American cream horses exist.

7. Eriskay Pony

Eriskay Pony - WebNewsOrbit

This pony breed comes from Scotland. Its gray coat is very dense and waterproof. These horses used to be widespread in the West Hebrides. But now fewer than 300 individuals remain.

8. Caspian Horse

Caspian Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This is one of the smallest horse breed ever. It's also one of the oldest datings back to 3400 BC. This Iranian breed was once considered extinct. It was rediscovered in 1965, but there are still just 1,600 of them.

9. Galiceno

Galiceno Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This breed was developed in Mexico. It started with the horses bought from Spain by the conquistadors. It's one of the rarest horse breeds in the world. Only about 100 purebred individuals exist.

10. Sorraia

Sorraia Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This breed of horse comes from Portugal. It's a descendant of wild primitive horses. The Sorraia is extremely rare, with a population of about 200. Breeders are working to preserve it.

11. Exmoor Pony

Exmoor Pony - WebNewsOrbit

Some Exmoor ponies in Britain are still semi-feral. It's been present in the British Isles since 700,000 BC. Today, there are about 500 ponies left. Most of them are nonbreeding.

12. Cleveland Bay

Cleveland Bay Horse - WebNewsOrbit

This breed originated in England in the 1600s. The horses are always bay in color. They are still used in royal possessions. There are fewer than 300 left in the U.K.

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