Discover 'Harkara': India's First Postman's Epic Journey – OTT Release Details

Discover Harkara - India First Postman Epic Journey – OTT Release Details - Web News Orbit

Harkara is a film starring Ram Arun Castro in the main role. He is joined by Kaali Venkat in the supporting role.

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"Harkara" explores the past of postal services, from the beginning of the first postal worker to the present day. Ram Arun Castro has directed the film and also acted in the title role.

The film is ready for OTT release following its theatrical release and has received positive reviews from both the public and critics.

Harkara Cast

The film also features Kaali Venkat Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, Ram Arun Castro, Gowthami Chowdhry, Nicolas Fluster and Pichaikkaran Moorthy in key roles.

Harkara OTT Release Date

As per reports "Harkara" is scheduled to be released by Aha Tamil and Prime Video on the 1st October of 2023.

Before the publication of the novel 'Harkara', the author Steve Borgia said in a statementthat "The next generation has no idea who a postman is, Postmen were called Harkara or Thabaalkaaran in those days. When the British came to India, their very first employee was a postman, who would put their lives at risk to deliver messages."

"They would even read out the letters, supply medicines take patients to hospitals, and even get involved in matchmaking. They were the nucleus of society," he said.

Music and Filming

The music for "Harkara" was written by Ramshanker with editing and cinematography by Philip R Sundar, Lokesh Elangovan, and Dani Charles.

Historical Context

The film is set in an isolated village during the pre-independence time"Harkara" tells tale of Harkara the first postman in India who was born more than 150 years prior to.

The film highlights how significant Harkara was to the village and the way he fought the Britishers.

Harkara Trailer

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