How To Make Money On Instagram: 8 Profitable Ideas

How To Make Money On Instagram - 8 Profitable Ideas -  WebNewsOrbit

Anyone can make money on Instagram, regardless of their age, place of residence or education. It is enough to learn a few new skills. Spoiler: it will take less than two months.

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Getting income through Instagram is fashionable. Today, this social network is considered the most monetized. However, no special talents are required here. All you need is a desire, a smartphone with Internet access and a little of your time.

1. Account Manager

If you have long dreamed of switching to remote work, pay attention to a new profession - an Instagram administrator. This is a specialist who is responsible for promoting an account on a social network. Its goal is to attract as many "live" and active subscribers as possible. 

The administrator coordinates advertising, creates interesting content (photos, texts, stories, live broadcasts), organizes contests and communicates with subscribers.

Since today almost every coffee shop or photo studio has an account, there are usually no problems finding customers. And administrators are always needed by bloggers, celebrities, online stores, beauty salons and various specialists. 

To get started, learn the basics of SMM (Social Media Marketing) promotion. To do this, you can take an online course, watch a few webinars or read books . All this, if desired, can be learned in a couple of months.

2. Create icons, stories and covers designs

You can make beautiful and stylish covers for the Stories Highlights section without drawing skills. The same applies to trendy designs for stories - from August everyone can create them. 

Until recently, only approved developers with beta status had access to download designs, and the platform and tools were closed to ordinary users. Now resourceful Instagrammers have been able to turn mask making into a lucrative business.

You can design beautiful round icons for the archive of stories using special editor applications. For example, Adobe Sketch or Canva. It is enough to set a suitable background and apply ready-made pictures or calligraphic inscriptions.

There are lessons on how to create them on the developers website and in the public domain on the Web. The simplest mask can be made in just a few minutes.

3. Drawing illustrations or avatars

If you can draw in popular graphic editors and have a good sense of style, there are many additional opportunities for you to increase your income.

For example, you can start drawing fashionable avatars for personal blogs and commercial accounts. A well-designed picture helps to distinguish the profile from competitors and increases its attendance. There are many tutorials on the Internet on how to create such avatars.

You can also master photo processing in Photoshop and Lightroom to start selling presets (a ready-made set of settings) or retouching pictures for money. Instagrammers are ready to pay $2 or more, for one processed photo. 

Another option is to learn how to put together a visual profile design . In addition, people who know a lot about the design of checklists, guides, trackers and other information products of bloggers are in demand today.

4. Preparation of advertising designs or layouts

High-quality advertising layouts, like colorful avatars, are required by everyone who promotes a blog. Now, in order to interest potential followers, just a photo or a screenshot with a beautiful “tape” is not enough. 

Therefore, before advertising your profile, it is very important to take care of creating a bright selling layout with provocative theses and music. Only in this case advertising can "work".

Specialists in the development of advertising layouts come to the aid of Instagrammers. Today, Instagram sells entire online courses for those who decide to join their ranks. 

But if you have Internet access and basic skills in working with graphic editors, you can easily master this business. To get started, try installing the Mojo, Instories, and InShot apps on your smartphone and start practicing.

5. Selling ads

If you have an Instagram blog, try selling ads. The main difficulty with this method is that you will need at least 5-10 thousand active subscribers. To interest such an audience, investments and time are needed.

As a rule, it takes about $250 - $550 to attract 10 thousand followers. But the investment is worth it: in addition to material income, you can receive bonuses in the form of free products from fashion brands.

To get started, Switch your profile to a Business Account - this way you can collect all the necessary statistics. Potential advertisers will want to see it in order to evaluate the effectiveness of your profile ads. After that, start promoting. Start buying ads in related accounts, sponsor contests, and comment on posts by big creators. When the page becomes popular, you can discuss possible options for cooperation with brands.

6. Setting up targeted advertising

One of the most popular promotion tools is targeted advertising. If you master the principle of setting it up, you can earn from $200. for one advertising campaign.

It is important for a targetologist to learn how to accurately determine the target audience of an Instagram account, since advertising will be broadcast only to those users who meet the specified criteria. If you make a mistake at this stage, the client will lose money.

Before targeting, it is very important to prepare your account for advertising, including correctly filling out the profile header. This small block under the avatar is also called "bio". It contains short, up-to-date information that clearly reflects the essence of the blog and instantly grabs the attention of the audience. By the way, this is another great idea for extra income. The cost of registration of one "hat" starts from $5.

7. Webinars and online courses

According to many creators, their main income comes from author's online courses, webinars and master classes. With the help of these information products, they share their knowledge about blogging, photo editing, training and sports nutrition. 

To start your information business, first of all, you need to decide what you will talk about. It should be unique and useful information presented in understandable language.

In other words, an info product is a packaged experience. If you know how to shoot captivating stories or have developed your own technique for writing sales texts, teach your subscribers this. 

A big plus if you manage to attract an expert. It will help to prepare a high-quality information product and increase user confidence. The main thing is not to forget to indicate all the conditions for such cooperation in the contract.

8. Participation in giveaways or competitions

To make money on Instagram, it is not necessary to learn something or spend time promoting the page. The creators community often organizes contests and giveaways with large cash prizes and valuable gifts. 

The conditions are simple: you need to subscribe to all sponsors, like and tag a friend. In order not to “clog” the account with unnecessary subscriptions, many social network users create a special page for giveaways.

Creators conduct various activities to increase engagement, reach, and audience growth. For them, this is a good way to quickly gain new subscribers. True, it is quite difficult to become a winner in the drawing of millionaire bloggers - because of the large number of participants. 

To increase your chances of winning, pay attention to giveaways and contests organized by Instagrammers with a small audience.

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