Amazon Style: Amazon To Open First High-Tech Clothing Store

Amazon Style: Amazon To Open First High-Tech Clothing Store - WebNewsOrbit

QR codes, a digital manager and a virtual fitting room queue: Amazon plans to open a retail clothing store under the company's brand as early as 2022.

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What's happening

  • IT giant Amazon continues to expand, with plans to open its first Amazon Style clothing store at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles in 2022.
  • The new clothing store will be equipped with the latest technology to make the process of choosing and buying clothes as convenient as possible for the customer.
  • Thus, the hangers will be equipped with QR codes - just scan the code to see available sizes, colors and even product ratings.
  • With the click of a button, the selected items will be sent to the fitting room, along the way, Amazon will offer the buyer additional products that, according to the algorithms, he might like. In the mobile application, customers will be able to track the degree of occupancy of the fitting rooms.
  • The fitting rooms themselves will be equipped with touch screens, with the help of which customers can ask to bring additional goods or change the size of the selected item.
  • In addition, using the application, customers can choose their favorite products from home to try them on in a physical store.
  • Finally, Amazon Style will support Amazon One technology, which allows you to pay for goods with your palm print.
  • While the store will be equipped with a plethora of technology, Amazon says it will have traditional employees on hand to help customers with every step of the way.

What does it mean

The beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown around the world led to the growth of the online commerce market: according to UN experts, in 2020 the global e-commerce sector grew to $26.7 trillion. One of the things that helped bring e-commerce to the attention of shoppers during COVID-19 was the ability to make contactless purchases. However, Amazon is proving that it is possible in a physical store as well – all you need to do is equip it with cutting-edge technology.

It is worth noting that the IT giant already has similar projects implemented quite successfully: Amazon previously introduced contactless Amazon Go and Amazon Fresh grocery stores equipped with Just Walk Out technology . In addition, in September 2020, the company launched Amazon One, a technology that allows you to pay for purchases with a palm print. In this way, Amazon is reimagining traditional retail by introducing "stores of the future".

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