Top 5 Ways To Refresh Your Brain Quickly

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The human brain is capable of many things, including refreshing. You can help him do it faster and more efficiently. The main thing is to know where you have the Refresh button, and "press" it in time

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The daily routine of a modern person is the need to process huge amounts of information and live in multitasking mode. As a result of such a load, concentration of attention and brain performance are reduced. And the realization that it is impossible to cope with the planned tasks on time generates stress, which leads to a decrease in the quality of life in general. To break the vicious circle, you need to urgently refresh or reboot the brain. Here are five ways to accomplish this.


The most powerful brain reboot is, of course, healthy sleep. Research by scientists from the University of Wisconsin (USA) shows that synapses - the junctions of neurons - grow during wakefulness and then contract by 20% overnight, creating space for more growth and learning. Accordingly, if there is not enough sleep, then this process slows down.

In her bestselling book The Sleep Revolution, expert Ariana Huffington suggests the following steps to help you get a good night's sleep.

  • The bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool.
  • No electronic devices 30 minutes before bed.
  • Mobile phones should be kept away from the bedroom.
  • Do not eat or drink anything that contains caffeine after 14:00.
  • Don't work in bed.
  • No pets on the bed.
  • Before bed, take a hot salt bath to relax.
  • By all means have pajamas (it sends a message to the brain that promotes sleep).
  • To help the brain go to sleep, you need to do yoga, calm your breathing, or meditate.
  • If you like to read before bedtime, then let it be a regular book, not an electronic one.
  • For a restful and deep sleep, you can drink chamomile or lavender tea.

Physical activity

A study from the University of Adelaide in Australia shows that 30 minutes of intense exercise improves memory and learning ability by making the brain more "elastic". The author of the bestselling book The First 20 Minutes . Surprising facts about how to train more effectively and live longer ” Gretchen Reynolds.

The acclaimed New York Times journalist has compiled a book of her best articles on the latest scientific advances to improve the quality of life. Reynolds detailed that people who work out 20 minutes a day feel happier and more productive. True, this study says exercise shouldn't be too intense. The main thing is that the training is enjoyable - then you will want to return to it the next day.


Scientists have long agreed that meditation is one of the best ways to reboot the brain. For example, Michael Posner of the University of Oregon (USA) explains : "Meditation has been shown to induce neuroplastic changes in the structure and function of brain regions involved in the regulation of attention, emotion and self-awareness."

In turn, neuroscientist, writer and director of the American Academy of Neuroscience Sarah McKay, in one of her articles, described in detail the effects of meditation, among which are the sensations of relaxation, improved mood and well-being, and clear consciousness.


Music makes the brain study, work and concentrate, according to researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. While many people believe that silence is necessary in order to focus, this is not the case. Scientists from Vilnius University (Lithuania) explain that listening to music lowers the frequency of brain waves, which creates conditions for better perception of information and its analysis. Polls of American researchers show that about 85% of those whose jobs allow them to listen to music while performing professional tasks do so. Moreover, 42% of respondents have background music from morning to evening.

The human brain is not able to concentrate on one task for a long time. The fact is that homo sapiens have two systems of attention at the same time .

One is conscious, allowing you to purposefully focus on what needs to be done. The second is unconscious. It shifts the focus of attention, regardless of the will of a person, to any potentially important stimulus to which the senses react.

In this case, background music is the solution to the concentration problem. It has two effects:
  • non-invasive noise, which loads the unconscious attention system with work so that it does not distract from the work process;
  • pleasant emotions that brighten up the workflow.


Lighting in a workspace also has a big impact on concentration and productivity, and blue light contributes best to this .

The human eye contains a special set of cells (rods, cones, and ipRGC photoreceptors) that recognize shortwave shades of blue. These cells send a signal to the body and brain that the sun has risen, and our bodies begin to suppress melatonin, the sleep hormone. By the way, it is for this reason that it is recommended to put off gadgets before going to bed. The fact is that the blue light emitted by monitors of electronic mobile devices prevents sleep. This property of blue light during working hours should be used with benefit.

Some scientists argue that before doing an important task, you need to sit for some time in blue light - this will help you to gather and tune in to a productive mood. The researchers conducted an experiment and found that people who worked in the dark with a blue light source performed various tasks faster and better. Moreover, this effect persisted for some time even after the blue lighting was turned off.

The level of illumination of the room also affects the productivity of the brain. Dimmed light prevents you from focusing on any kind of mental work. The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a study in which it was said that while bright lighting sharpens attention, dim light stimulates creativity. The effect is explained by the fact that in dim lighting a person feels freedom, which encourages creativity in solving work issues.

Devices for disorders

Neuroscientists and neurocybernetics are trying to solve the problem of increasing the productivity of the human brain. Thanks to their work, useful devices appear that help fight mental disorders. Here are a few of these gadgets, which we paid attention to on foreign trading floors.

Headset Emotiv EPOC Neuroheadset
The headset is designed for human brain research and advanced brain-computer interface applications. This gadget is equipped with electrodes that provide access to brain data and are able to recognize different emotional states and facial expressions of the user. The headset is compatible with Windows computer interfaces. According to the developers, the device is able to make life easier for people with disabilities.

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MUSE headband
The device looks like a headband - it is designed to help overcome psychological stress and stress with even a short meditation session. Canadian developer InteraXon promises that the gadget will be able to facilitate the perception of life and improve mood. When the desired mode is selected, the device sends back signals that allow the user to relax, concentrate or create the desired mood, for example, the so-called "atmosphere of trust". Plus, with the Muse mobile app, you can track your heart rate, brain activity, body movement, and breathing rate.

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Helicopter Puzzlebox Orbit Helicopter
It looks like an ordinary helicopter toy, however, it can be controlled by the power of thought. As with other neurogadgets, it does this by alternating between high concentration and relaxation. To work with it, you need to install a special application on your smartphone or tablet. The set includes a headset. Through sensory sensors, it records the impulses of the brain, converts it into a signal that is transmitted via Bluetooth to a smartphone, which, in turn, sends a command to the helicopter, forcing it to take off, descend, and complete a programmed route. The helicopter can be used as a simulator for different mental states.

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