Top 5 Destinations For Sexual Tourism

Top 5 Destinations For Sexual Tourism - WebNewsOrbit

Don't know what sexual tourism is? Let's fill you in! It's essentially when people travel to satisfy their sexual desires or their strange fetishes.

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It is a multi-billion dollar industry which benefits the airlines, taxis, restaurants and hotels of host cities and destinations. Of all the places that attract the most sexual tourism, these 5 are the most popular.

1. Dominican Republic

According to, a US-based sex tourism website, the Dominican Republic has made a major name for itself in sexual tourism.

Although prostitution is legal in this Caribbean region of North America, no brothels or third parties can make money off these prostitutes. Only they can earn it for themselves.

2. Thailand

In Thailand, there is a city called Pattaya which is known as the sex capital of the world. It is essentially a sex worker's paradise.

There's someone offering to sell sex on every corner of this city.

3. Costa Rica

This country in Central America is rising to the top as far as destinations for sex. 10% of tourists that go to Costa Rica are there for sex.

The reason why Costa Rica is so high up on the list is that prostitution is legal in the United States. 80% of the sex workers in Costa Rica are immigrants from the United States of America.

4. Kenya

The only African country on the list, Kenya, has widespread prostitution. According to reports, many foreign men and women take part in sex tourism, which is thriving at resorts along Kenya's coast.

The interesting difference is that more women are coming to Kenya to get it from locals than men coming there for women. There is even name for it; Mzungu. This is what a woman who comes to have sex with locals is called in Kenya.

5. Japan

This popular Asian country is one of the most-frequented destinations for regular tourism. And when it comes to sex tourism, Japan remains just as popular!

However, foreign men are not welcome most of the time because they are perceived to be rougher, have a different odour, and the language barrier frightens the women.

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